Toshi’s Delicatessen & Restaurant – Kalihi, HI

When is the last time you got your plate lunch wrapped like this? Super nostalgic yeah? I was heading to work early one morning and had the craving to go to Toshi’s. Toshi’s has been around forevers and is one of the few great okazuyas left on the island. I am in constant fear of them closing down because I think the master cooks in the kitchen are older women. A lot of okazuyas close down or have closed down and it’s just so sad.

Double Chow Fun, Corned Beef Hash, Hot Dog (lol), Egg Omelette | $16.93

Ahhhh, I wish I could eat there everyday but I don’t think my wallet could handle it. Was it expensive? Yes but I am happy to support this establishment and the food is good! Very tasty homecooked vibes here, I enjoyed it! The guy in front of me had a plate for like $17 and left $2 tip! Good on him. I’m glad I went and would definitely return again!

8 responses to “Toshi’s Delicatessen & Restaurant – Kalihi, HI

  1. jalna

    Super nostalgic except for the price.

  2. vickinags

    wow, the price!

  3. kat

    never heard of this place, hoping they can stay in business

  4. I love okazuya. So where do you park?

    • Jenny

      Hey Aunty! They have stalls fronting the restaurant! A bit harder to leave since you have to back into traffic but it shouldn’t be too bad!

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