Mixed Plate Friday (Japan)

My favorite Arare and Peanut Mix

I got this pack from Family Mart and regret not getting more. I got a pack from their 7eleven and boy it was not the same. So I only recommend the family mart one!

Random Natural Lawson dinner one night. We were both baus tired from Disney so we just got dinner in. Luckily our hotel was located next to some restaurants! I still went the combini route and enjoyed it. I got my friend McDonalds, lol.

This is the airline I took from Tokyo to Osaka. It was a bit cheaper than the shinkansen and we didn’t want to worry about how to store our luggage in the train. Would I do it again? Ehhhh, I don’t know. I feel like your entire day is wasted traveling. The check in for this airline was wild, not once was my identification checked. It was hilarious. Also, since the tickets are cheap, they nickel and dime on everything else. While the check-in and luggage check was easy going from Tokyo to Osaka. Coming back from Osaka to Tokyo was crazy. They were seriously measuring and weighing all bags (including carry-ons), checking ID, etc.

Anyway, some miracle this trip was. I fell asleep through every plane ride. Yes, even this short domestic ride. The travel gods were with me on this trip!

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday (Japan)

  1. I love peanuts mixed with arare. I even add it to my popcorn. Traveling to and in Japan is exhausting. I am already exhausted so I better not go.

  2. vickinags

    I love kaki mochi peanut mixes. I’ll look for this next trip! There are so many varieties, I especially love the spicy kaki mochi type.
    Since I usually stay at Tokoko Inn, they have their own label in their vending machines which are 210 per container (they’re packed in beer can shaped container, I guess to fit in the vending machines). The peanuts are always so fresh!

  3. kat

    domestic travel in japan they never check id, so crazy!

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