Wagaya – Moilili, HI

Hands down one of my favorite ramen shops in Hawaii, if not the favorite. Wagaya serves up delicious ramen and appetizers with friendly service! I always go right when they open so I get parking and don’t have to wait too long! Where is your favorite ramen shop?

House Made Gyoza | $6.50
japanese style pork, cabbage and chive gyoza. (pan-fried or deep-fried)

One of my many go-to dishes, house made gyoza. Can’t beat that. Delicious! Wish they would give 6 because it’s not easy to split odd number gyoza!

Calamari Isobeage | $8.75
tender japanese squid in aonori tempura served with a shoyu aioli

Good, not great. It was actually kind of limp and not crunchy when we got it I didn’t think it was great.

Garlic Wagaya Ramen (Kuro) | $14.95
our classic tonkotsu broth is kicked up a notch with garlic
toppings: 2 pc char siu, soft-boiled egg, choi sum, kikurage, sesame, nori, green onion, fried garlic

My go to ramen always. I ask for firm noodles with level three spice (because I no can handle more and also no like pay more lol). It’s just the perfect bowl of ramen for me, all the toppings are perfect and the egg is PERFECTLY MADE.

Mochi Ice Cream | $4.75
vanilla ice cream topped with warm mochi, kinako, and kuromitsu
choice of green tea, kinako, or mixed mochi

I don’t know why I thought I would be getting green tea ice cream. I guess I read the menu wrong, I got the green tea mochi as ordered but I didn’t realize it was only vanilla ice cream offered. It’s okay, it was a delicious dish! We were just kind of full so we couldn’t enjoy this one fully.

4 responses to “Wagaya – Moilili, HI

  1. Yum!!! And didn’t you also like their tofu?
    I love noodles and one of my favorites because it is convenient is the one in Kahala Mall – Gomatei. I like their spicy broth and their gyoza. Except that the place is so cold that the food gets cold too fast – or I eat too slow.

  2. kat

    dunno where this is but it sounds like a great place:)

  3. vickinags

    I always want to go there but the parking and line is daunting. I loved their tempura chikura, do they still have it on their menu?

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