Yung Yee Kee Dim Sum – Ala Moana, HI

If you can’t make it out to Chinatown, I found you a good alternative in the Ala Moana area. Forget going to Jade Seafood, check out Yung Yee Kee! We came right at opening time on a Sunday and there was absolutely no wait. We ate yummy dim sum to full satisfaction and was off on our merry way. I thought the flavors were good and comparable to Chinatown so do it!!!

Chicken Feet with Black Bean | $6.50

I know, I know. Not many of you like chicken feet, I get it. I grew up eating this which is why I am able to eat it. Juicy and flavorful, I would recommend this dish if you like chicken feet!

Pork Hash with Shrimp (Siu Mai) | $6.50

Yum, a classic and always a favorite of mine. Nothing memorable but nothing bad which is good. I would get it again because I just like siu mai.

Seafood Bundle | $7.50

One of my favorite dim sum dishes, it usually includes a piece of fish, shrimp, scallop and a whole shiitake mushroom wrapped in tofu skin (yuba).

Signature Steamed Beef Tripe | $7.50

Another dish not everyone can eat. This was nicely seasoned but had a strong white pepper taste. Good but no wow factor.

Shrimp & Chives Dumplings | $7.50

I like to get this in dim sum restaurants but I like when they pan fry it and steam too. This one is more dry on the outside, tasted good but I guess I like it more like potsticker style.

Mochi Puffs w/Pork | $6.50

Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings | $6.00

Taro Puffs | $6.50

Good! Nice amount of filling! Tastes great.

Stir-Fried Sticky Rice | $8.50

Meh. I can make this way better. I will make this way better. 🙂

Look Funn w/Beef | $7.50

Basic, simple, good.

8 responses to “Yung Yee Kee Dim Sum – Ala Moana, HI

  1. I am not a dim sum person. I love noodles and more noodles so I would go for the look funn. Looks yummy!

  2. Dimsum

    Looks ono but mucho kaching for similar chinatown things;)

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