Panya Bistro – Honolulu, HI

Panya Bistro was my last meal before the lockdown. Well last sit-down meal in a restaurant and even though it was pre-lockdown, I was already feeling a bit uneasy eating in the restaurant. I am also a little regretful that I didn’t order my usual, Laksa! But…while their laksa is good, it’s also very expensive and I can get the same dish for half the price at Papa’s Cafe! Let’s get to the food shall we?

Black Pepper Pork Chop | $18.00
Upgrade to Egg Fried Rice | $5.00 (I think!)
fried pork chop with Spicy black pepper sauce

This wasn’t my dish but it looks good ah? Remember how I talked about simple fried rice being best? It looks like this fried rice follows what I talked about, just egg, rice and seasoning. But $5.00 to substitute it from white rice?? Hard pass from me on that.

Indonesian Fried Rice | $20.00
with chicken topped with eggs and green peas

This dish is what veered me off the laksa. I’ve been into Indonesian food (indomie anyone?) so I wanted to try this dish. By the way, why don’t we have an Indonesian restaurant in Hawaii? Not just Indonesian dishes in Chinese restaurants, INDONESIAN RESTAURANT. Ah sorry, how was it? Good, not great. And surprisingly spicier than I expected. I wouldn’t order it again.

Japanese Cheese Cake | $7.00
Lemon Crunch Cream Cake | $5.50

My lemon crunch cake quest continues. How was it? Ehh…more cream than I’d like. I guess I still like Macaroni Grill’s lemon cake most.