Japanese Breakfast

My friend and I were wandering around Ginza one morning and I just wanted to eat at one of these breakfast joints. Shoot, I don’t even know the name so I apologize but it’s really one of those in and out places that you order from the machine up front and take a seat with your tickets. They bring you your food, you grind and then you’re out. All so simple and tasty and a great value too!

Look at the picture above, everything is so clean and anything you could think of is within your finger tips. Loved it!

My set! This was like a cold udon seat with mentaiko over rice. I added on a side of natto because I wanted to okay?

Oyako Don Set

I can’t leave without leaving a gratuitous egg yolk picture. Felt kind of waste to crack the egg and separate it yourself. I feel like they could have just done it for me and saved the egg white for something? I don’t know. Threw the bonito flakes on too and mixed it with their sauce. Yummy!

My natto mixed lol