Japanese Breakfast

My friend and I were wandering around Ginza one morning and I just wanted to eat at one of these breakfast joints. Shoot, I don’t even know the name so I apologize but it’s really one of those in and out places that you order from the machine up front and take a seat with your tickets. They bring you your food, you grind and then you’re out. All so simple and tasty and a great value too!

Look at the picture above, everything is so clean and anything you could think of is within your finger tips. Loved it!

My set! This was like a cold udon seat with mentaiko over rice. I added on a side of natto because I wanted to okay?

Oyako Don Set

I can’t leave without leaving a gratuitous egg yolk picture. Felt kind of waste to crack the egg and separate it yourself. I feel like they could have just done it for me and saved the egg white for something? I don’t know. Threw the bonito flakes on too and mixed it with their sauce. Yummy!

My natto mixed lol

7 responses to “Japanese Breakfast

  1. vickinags

    both look so ono! I only recently started eating the raw egg. I wonder why the yolk is separated.

  2. My friend keeps giving me fresh laid eggs from her chicken. The Japanese like to have it raw in a dish and dip meat into it. Maybe I need to try that.

    Food in Japan is just too awesome. I used to eat breakfast in a hole in the wall in Osaka – ochazuke rice, ume, grilled fish, tsukemono. So so ono!

    • Jenny

      Ooh how are the egg yolks? Are they super orange? I love when restaurants serve the good eggs, I’ve dipped many meats into the raw egg and it tastes awesome.

      Mmm..that breakfast sounds good! Simple but sometimes simple is the best yeah?

  3. kat

    the name of the restaurant is nakau (na-ka-ooh), I guess they didn’t separate the egg for you for sanitary reasons and there are people who like to eat the whole raw egg, so they probably wouldn’t have used the separator…not to scare you but I’m guessing you didn’t see that video of the lolo licking the condiments on the table at the conveyor belt sushi as well as tampering with the sushi..totally gross & ruins hygiene trust at these places

    • Jenny

      Thank you for the name Kat!! I totally would have eaten the whole egg but I guess when I saw the yolk separator, I wasn’t thinking straight.

      Yes! I saw the lolo licking the stuff at the sushi place! How awful and in Japan! Did they ever catch him to shame him? Always these folks ruining it for the rest of us!

      • kat

        they caught him and are suing him for damages. in the beginning his face was blurred on the news but nowadays they show it and his name. there were other eateries that others did similar things too so hopefully others will think before trying to get more likes/attention

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