Mixed Plate Friday

Sushi Set #12 | $12.95
garlic salmon and spicy tuna bomb

I love getting sushi at Jay’s Sushi, the sushi tastes great and the prices are reasonable. I would definitely recommend them. They are also located next door to the best bubble tea place haha!

Kimchi Mandoo | $6.99 (sale price)

I went to Hmart in Pearl City last weekend and I was blown away. Oh my god, such a better store than the one in town. Just in terms of space and their offerings, makes it almost worth it to drive out there. They also had sample booths! Sample booths are so smart. This lady was making both the regular mandoo and kimchi mandoo and let me tell you, she was giving out huge pieces. But it works. I bought two bags because this mandoo was so good! I would definitely recommend it if you see it. I like to pan fry and steam…yum!

Roast Turkey Dinner | $18.00
slow roasted turkey, buttered corn, portuguese sausage stuffing, smashed potato, dinner roll, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce

Your eyes do not deceive you, we had ourselves a nice little thanksgiving feast in September. We got this plate from Hamada General Store, it was one of their daily specials. A bit of a funny story, we were actually eyeing out a sandwich place (what is with me and sandwiches lately?) who was offering a seasonal thanksgiving sandwich which was basically the contents of this plate. The sandwich is $18.50 (yikes) and when I went to their online ordering site, they charge $3.00 if you want gravy. What??? That’s $21!!!!! Then we saw this special for Hamada and decided to pay $18 for the whole she-bang. Best decision ever. This was DELICIOUS. The turkey was moist and the sides were all great. Would definitely get this again. Wish they would make it to sell on Thanksgiving.

8 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    I’ll have to look for all of these. Everything looks so ono.

    I had stopped buying from HGS because while they were really ono, I felt most of the plate was rice, so much rice. Felt like I was paying mostly for rice. This turkey special looks good! LOL, mashed potatoes and stuffing. I can handle.

    • Jenny

      Ohhh good to know Jalna! I never really order from them but glad to know of that. Their prices aren’t cheap either but maybe I just order again if they have this special again!

  2. I must try Jay’s Sushi. So it is on the other side of Young’s Hawaiian food? And close to Kamehameha Bakery, right?

    You give the best reviews.

    • Oh, and nowadays I really like turkey. I just ordered mine for Thanksgiving from Lanakila Kitchen. Price went up – $190 – for the big whole turkey that is perfectly cooked with good stuffing, gravy, so-so succotash, mashed potatoes, good cranberry sauce. Yum, yum, yum.

      • Jenny

        Oh thanks for sharing this! My friend was looking for a place to get a good turkey and I love that this helps to benefit Lanakila Pacific! I’ll let her know!

    • Jenny

      Aunty! Jay’s Sushi is on the opposite side! It’s right across from Pancake and Waffle. 🙂

  3. kat

    did not really care for the h mart in pc…turkey looks ono!

    • Jenny

      Oh no, if you don’t like the PC one, I don’t know if you’ll like the town one. Hahaha it’s not awful but it’s just super cramped compared to the PC one. Turkey was good! I’m not even a turkey person but now I am wanting turkey for thanksgiving…

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