Kani Doraku – Shinjuku, Japan

If you’ve been to Japan, you have probably seen the sign for this restaurant. They are located all over Japan and we definitely had to give this place a try while we were there! Kani Doraku is definitely not a cheap restaurant but I believe it’s worth every cent. And worth every cent from Linda. We came here for her birthday and she treated! Thank you so much, it was such a memorable and delicious meal.

140124-01You can’t miss this business sign!

140124-02Check out their chopstick holder, it’s the details that count!

140124-03Their own chopsticks? It’s on now. And it includes a tool to help take the crab meat out! Genius.

140124-04Gotta try some hot sake…I’m not an alcohol girl. Hahaha. There are so many great pictures coming, so get ready (over 20)! 

140124-05Steamed crab and raw crab

140124-06Upclose of the cooked crab…

140124-07Raw crab. Look at that beautiful translucent meat. Wait that is raw right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

140124-08MY FAVORITE. Crab miso…it’s basically a paste of the crab brains. That’s my absolute favorite part of a crab! I think they were selling bottles of this too. I wish I had bought it! This gives me a good reason to go back to Japan. Yes, for crab brains.

140124-09Chawan Mushi


Ahh…creamy crab doria. So good!

140124-12Crab nabe! Isn’t that an awesome nabe “pot”? They have that here at Ichiriki, you just have to get the more expensive hot pot package.

140124-13Ingredients for the nabe. Do you see what I see??

140124-14Yes! A carrot carved into a crab! Details!

140124-15I tried to arrange it nicely in the pot…lol


140124-17Tempura crab


140124-20Crab rice!

140124-21I just have to show you everything we got, including the tsukemono…haha!

140124-22Sushi. I was a bit surprised by this crab in mayo roll – I guess I always thought rolls like these were more of an American invention.

140124-24Crab soup

140124-23Crab miso soup

As you can see, this meal was abundant and delicious. Even though this restaurant was very commercial – I liked that they had a call button so we could call for service as we needed. If you ever go out to Japan – I highly recommend trying Kani Doraku!


2 responses to “Kani Doraku – Shinjuku, Japan

  1. Anon

    FYI I don’t think that it’s ” raw” crab,but blanched….bc of the color of the shell and meat.Curious how much that meal was?:)

  2. Ohhh Anon, you’re right! I totally see what you’re describing. I believe this was 4,800 yen when we went.

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