Mixed Plate Friday

Yo Mama’s Sampler Pack | $13.00
Chocolate, Pumpkin and Ube Mochi

We finally had a craft fair this year! Yay! And Yo Mama’s was a first time vendor I was super excited for. I was able to grab a sampler pack before they sold out. This was very good! Surprisingly I liked the ube one the most, to me it just tastes like butter mochi and I love butter mochi. I thought all three were good!

Mini Musubi Bento | $8.00

I went at 6AM to Mai Musubi and scored! They had some bentos ready so I was able to grab this up! I think it was a pretty good deal! I really enjoyed their tofu croquette, can tell it was homemade. It was nice and savory with umami. Yum!

Boba Milk Tea | $5.75

Original Egg Waffle | $7.50
Add Boba Topping | 50¢

Meet Fresh is a new dessert joint in Ala Moana, it’s on the street level located by Spectrum. We had a long day at the mall and had to wait for something at T-Mobile so we came down here to help with the wait time. I got the egg waffle and added boba topping because I’ve had this weird craving for egg waffles lately. I don’t know why. It was very good! Kind of pricey though.

9 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. jalna

    Uuuuu, I wanna check out Mai Bento, but how’s the parking? I don’t do good in tight spaces.

  2. vickinags

    i went to Mai Bento but around 9:30. duh. all sold out of mostly everything, but you could wait for them to make up your choice. Nevah like wait. So hard, if you go a 6, sometimes bento choices not ready. If you go later, you miss out.
    Parking not bad. Diagnol kind but also shares with stuff like Phuket Thai Express (really ono!). Beer Lab etc. but they not open that open that early

  3. kat

    never heard of any of these places, but all look ono:)

  4. I want to try Mai musubi but will wait until the hype cools down. I love other people’s musubi.

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