Mixed Plate Friday

One of the many gifts Kat gave us! I finally cracked open the Japanese Sriracha, I didn’t even know they had one! And you know we had that shortage for a while so it as hard to even get a hold of a bottle. And then people were saying it doesn’t taste the same anymore? I think they started using different chili peppers, boy oh boy. I was able to get a new bottle and I guess I agree that it tastes a little different but not awful. Sorry, got off-track. So how was the Japanese one? I liked it! Good balance of garlic and heat with a nice sweetness to it. I enjoy it a lot!! Thank you again Kat!

This was a gift from Chan’s friend and I had no idea what it was. I honestly thought it was like a biscuit or senbei. That was until we asked a coworker and was told it was miso soup!! I had to try it immediately and oh my goodness, it was delicious and look!

It is stuffed with all these great veggies and cute fishcake…what a great miso soup! I definitely have to look for this next time I am in Japan!!

Tanto Tonkotsu Black Ramen | $18.00 (includes 5 pieces of Tanto Gyoza)

Don’t have enough for a full post but Tanto Gyoza and Ramen Bar is located in Puck’s Alley in Manoa. They specialize in gyoza (yes, the gyoza is good) and the ramen is good too! But I think I need to try another broth, this one might be too rich for me so I get tummy ache. I think I get tummy ache from plenty foods…hmm…anyway, worth a try!

9 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. Sorry to butt in, but regarding the Sriracha; if you’re used to using Huy Fong, the company and primary supplier of peppers are suing each other so they are getting their peppers from varying sources. Which is why many are complaining that their Sriracha tastes different now.

  2. Good thing I wasn’t using Sriracha so I wouldn’t notice any difference.

    Good gyoza? At Puck’s Alley? Great! I love gyoza!

  3. kat

    glad you like the sriracha. that miso soup thing is a favorite of mine, nice to give as gifts too

  4. jalna

    How come I never heard of Tanto? Everything looks so good! Gyoza especially.

    • Jenny

      They didn’t do a lot of publicity when they opened! They are pretty quick to serve the food when you order it and then you can shop at nijiya after your meal!

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