Mixed Plate Friday

Maybe when you’re reading this post, I’ll be off to Vegas! Excited for a mini-vacay to Las Vegas! No, not to gamble. I am excited for all the good eats and of course Trader Joe’s and Ikea, let’s be real! I’ll try to schedule out a few posts for while I’m gone. Have a good weekend folks!

Fort Ruger Market Sweet Longanisa, Egg, Rice | $9.95 (May 2024)

I was super excited to try this. I love me some longanisa sausage and I thought there could be no wrong. I WAS WRONG. The sausage was so weird and mushy, the texture was totally off. When I buy the ones from the store to make myself, the skin is almost crunchy (sounds gross but it’s good). This was 10 bucks! Well at least it was fried rice I guess? I would not get this ever again.

Kahala MKT Zaru Soba | $8.99

This one was quite a surprise, I really really liked this. And what this dish included was eggplant and I usually hate eggplant. HATE. But this eggplant was cooked and seasoned perfectly, not at all mushy, had a bit of crunch and there was a nice smoky flavor to it. The only downfall of this dish was the imitation crab. This sounds weird but this crab was like super dry, I like imitation crab that is wetter? Is that weird? Do you know what I mean? I don’t want to feel like I’m chewing on paper is what I mean. Would get this again!

10 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    have fun in LV. Don’t forget to eat the $80 (probably more now!) ramen from David Chang’s. Heard it was worth it. How can???
    and how can Ruger Mkt screw up on breakfast?!?!
    and soba! no can go wrong.

    • Jenny

      I am not eating that ramen! Hahaha too busy eating everything else!!

      Wasn’t impressed by Ruger but Chan liked the poke so may have to return.

  2. jalna

    Ho, V’s comment! $80 ramen that’s worth it??!! Hope you try. I’m curious.

  3. Vegas! Fun city. Good Korean food.

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