Tenfusa – Toyosu, Japan

Ah yes, my super belated Japan posts continue. Well, there’s actually not much more to share so it will probably be in bits and pieces. This is one of our last outings of the Japan trip before coming home. Tenfusa is located in the Toyosu Market, Chan’s friend Daisuke was nice enough to pick us up early in the morning to bring us to this restaurant. Thank God he did, all the menus are in Japanese. There was a line for the Daiwa Sushi next door but this restaurant seemed to be filled with locals (maybe fishermen).

Appetizer Menu (Well I consider it the appetizer menu!)

Maguro | ¥900

Scallop Sashimi | ¥850

Shirasu | ¥400

Whale Meat (Raw) | ¥700

This is my first time trying whale. This may be the last time I am trying whale. Look at the color! It looks like raw beef. It tastes kind of like raw beef too. I didn’t enjoy the taste. Glad I tried so I can say I tried it but I am good in the future.

Tempura Teishoku


Chan and I had the Tendon. Gosh, I was so like…full from this trip already. And we got choke appetizers. By the time the main entrees came, I was already stuffed. But the tempura was super good. Perfectly cooked seafood. The pieces of fish were so tender and fried light and crispy. I was very happy to have tried Tenfusa!

8 responses to “Tenfusa – Toyosu, Japan

  1. vickinags

    you are so brave to try whale.
    Is horse and dog on your to try list?

    • Jenny

      Horse I tried. Dog I will never try! Dog and balut is off limits to me. Well cats too but I don’t think people serve cats hahaha

  2. jalna

    Wow, very authentic cuisine.

  3. Such an adventurous foodie! I just do non-adventurous so I appreciate your posts.

  4. Kat

    yup tried whale, too fishy for me

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