Mixed Plate Friday – Japan

Beef Gracoro Set | ¥770
Filet-o-Fish Set | ¥680

I am just imagining V asking me why we ate at McDonald’s. It’s different in Japan ok! And this was breakfast sets! The filet-o-fish was good, just like it tastes here. But can we get these salad shakers back in America?!

This was the salad dressing – goma dressing. Yum! Squeezed it in and then shook it up!

Gracoro Burger is a sandwich with a patty of macaroni, shrimp and white sauce. Chan had this, I think he said it was just alright. Me reading that description already triggers a tummy ache haha. But hey, when in Japan – gotta eat the Japan exclusive sets!

Wailele American Beer Bar

We headed to a cute little bar in Shibuya after dinner with friends, they specialized in Hawaii beers. Was super cool and the couple running the joint LOVE Hawaii. I thought it was really cool to see the different beers and they were even selling Maui Towels to raise money for Maui.

Bar Food – I’m sure V would enjoy this. It’s lost on me since I don’t drink.

Hey Kat, is this a good Tokyo People post? LOL nah if any of you are offended by this picture, I’ll happily remove it. This a late night on the train, the only late night I had on a train and well, this is what I saw. He had the whole row of seats to himself lol. Poor cleaners.

8 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday – Japan

  1. vickinags

    Ahaha, I go to McDonalds in Japan to buy the shrimp burger and I like the shake shake salad too. Yup, gotta try the regional stuff.
    Those pupu look really ono! I was wondering what that one with the sauce was. I thought it was bread pudding but probably some meat with white sauce.
    And there is a site, I think it’s called Salaryman in Tokyo, that posts lots of drunk guys in the subways, stations, sidewalks, anywhere! Kinda funny, but kinda sad too.

    • Jenny

      I wish I remember what the sauce one was. I feel like it was like a pickled ginger dish. Hahaha ok I guess my one pic is not so bad compared to a whole website!

  2. My son (and the rest of my family) cannot drink. We get flushed and our heart pounds and a few sips make us drunk. One night my son went drinking with his professor and friends in Tokyo while he was in school there. He was so drunk that he couldn’t walk – so they left him on a bench near the street by himself. It was amazing how safe he was.

  3. kat

    gotta for tokyo people:)

  4. Must have been a “hard night”!

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