Nanpeidai Goryo-san – Shibuya, Japan

Thanks to Chan’s friends, we got to try another awesome Japanese restaurant we probably would never have found ourselves. Nanpeidai Goryosan is located in Shibuya in a residential building. They specialize in vegetable and meat rolls on skewers that are grilled. Not tourist friendly, thankfully Chan’s friends did all the ordering!

This is pretty cool, the server brings this platter out to every table to show you what the different items are. I assume they don’t use this for actual cooking because I saw a waiter sneeze on it lol. I can probably read most of these signs but it would just take 10 years for me to read and then translate it in my head.

Kampachi | ¥880

I’ll try my best to find the prices and names of these dishes. This was a seasoned kampachi sashimi dish. Very good!

Red Sangria | ¥600

I actually drank alcohol, can you believe it? I did not feel good after drinking this. It got to me a bit so it just further cements that I shouldn’t drink. I mean, isn’t this basically a juice? LOL

Seasoned Cabbage

If you know, you know. When you go to these yakiniku places, they serve up some seasoned cabbage as a free service. It’s very lightly seasoned with probably sesame oil and salt?

Assorted Meat Vegetable Rolls

Okay good luck folks, I don’t know what these were. They were all good though!


You folks know what this is right? If not, sorry about this. This is fish sperm. I have never had it before but I think this is from cod? I don’t know. Well how was it? Not looking for a that’s what she said moment but man this tasted good. It was super clean tasting. I enjoyed it a lot. I tried this again in another restaurant that maybe wasn’t as high end and did not like it there. It was good here!

Deep Fried Yamaimo | ¥580

Very good! Surprisingly light and not that gooey haha

I forget what this was. Was good though, how can anything served in that much butter/oil not be good?

More meat sticks in my mouth! That’s what she said.

Heh. I don’t remember what this was either lol.

Iburigakko with Cream Cheese | ¥500

My freaking favorite dish of the night. It’s smoked daikon rolled with cream cheese and I just didn’t even know what it was when it was served so I thought it was some kind of char siu (lol). Do we have iburigakko here in Hawaii? Does Don Q import it? I need to eat it again!!!!

7 responses to “Nanpeidai Goryo-san – Shibuya, Japan

  1. vickinags

    It’s kinda sad that we non speaking/reading Japanese can’t fine places like this on our own.
    missing out so much but so intimidating to try. 🙁

  2. Another amazing food adventure from you! Wow!

  3. kat

    love iburigakko & cream cheese!

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