Kura Sushi – Osaka, Japan

Yay! We got to a Kura Sushi! Woohoo! Conveyor belt sushi for a great value – super easy for tourists. Once you’re seated, you can make your own hot tea and order on their iPad that has English as an option! Every five plates you eat, you input them into their cleaning dispenser located right in your booth and you can “play” a game and win a prize! I put play in quotations because it’s really just you watching whether your cartoon character “wins” their game on the screen. We didn’t win anything lol. Not much details or prices on these pics, just a bunch of spam photos (not literally)!

Fresh Salmon with Mayo and Onions
Can’t go wrong with this!

Raw Scallop
I steered clear just in case. I don’t know how far reaching my allergies are to raw shellfish.

Raw Shrimp
Raw shellfish…sigh…


Tuna Salad
Of course this was mine, don’t you know me by now??

Shirako with Ikura

Okay, remember the other post where I said I liked shirako. Here’s the place where I tried it second and did not like it lol. It was groce here. So sad.

Tan Tan Udon
Ehh, just alright.

I forget haha

Chawan Mushi (look at that crab!)

It me! *waves*

LOL!!!! The cheese sauce wasn’t bad!

7 responses to “Kura Sushi – Osaka, Japan

  1. vickinags

    If you go back to Tokyo, there’s a Kurazushi right by Shinagawa Station. We made the mistake of going dinner time so was so packed and the wait was so long we ended up making a take out which was so fast. I don’t know about ordering ramen and chawan mushi from take out, we only ordered sushi.

  2. Kat

    we tried kura sushi but like hama sushi better

  3. jalna

    Perfect! I going show Wendell.

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