Folk Kitchen – Osaka, Japan

Folk Kitchen is located within the Hilton Osaka. Thanks to Chan’s perks, we were able to eat breakfast free in the hotel and boy did I enjoy eating here. Haha one morning as we were waking up, he asked me if I was okay because I had been laying there and I just meekly answered…”Folk Kitchen?” That’s how much I was looking forward to eating there. You just had to be there haha.

Folk Kitchen offers a full breakfast buffet and you know Japanese restaurants are going to do right by buffets. No disappointments here! And for some odd reason, I loved the apple juice in Osaka. Specifically Osaka lol.

We came pretty early in the morning so we could avoid the crowds, mission accomplished!

Smaller portion of food this round. They had battered fried fish with tartar sauce (I loved it!), tater tots, fried rice, etc.! They also had a Japanese section to make Japanese style breakfast, and a congee section!

I absolutely toasted my own slice of bread and slathered it in butter and strawberry jam. YOU BETCHA.

Day 2! Much fuller plate. The brown noodles I think were yakisoba and were bland and junk! The pasta was good and I ate plenty saba! Chan must think I’m crazy but I really really enjoyed Folk Kitchen and it was definitely one of my top places we ate at!!!! Yum!

4 responses to “Folk Kitchen – Osaka, Japan

  1. vickinags

    I always regret eating too much breakfast because as i’m wandering around and see yummy stuff, I’m still too full. I either eat it anyway and don’t enjoy or pass by and regret passing by. NO CAN WIN!!!
    I’m trying to train myself to not eat.

    • Jenny

      Haha I usually grab stuff from a convenience store the night before to have a little something for breakfast at the hotel. Save the stomach for lunch and dinner. But I have no regrets with Folk kitchen!

  2. Kat

    sounded like a great buffet

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