Cafe Miro – Waialae, HI

What is up with Halloween costumes? I really wanted to find some costumes for Frozen but they only make them for kids! Okay, I know it was a kid movie but the characters are all women! Then finally I see adult costumes for Frozen and…umm…they’re adult costumes if you get my drift. Why? Let’s not even get into how all womens halloween costumes are so…ADULT. Anyway, so I’ll have to change my course and do something else. I might shoot for Minnie Mouse. Did you know Disney only makes kids costumes? I think they are missing a major market!

This weekend was hot yah? When is the autumn coming for us? I want rain and cold weather! Cold weather for Hawaii anyway. Next week is gonna be killer. I might just turn into a hermit because of what I have due coming up! Things should loosen up after October, a bit! This is gonna be a graphic heavy post. Cafe Miro is one of my favorite restaurant in Hawaii. A bit of a hidden gem and so great. The food and service, can’t be beat. It’s a cute little Japanese French restaurant. Let’s get to the food!

141006-01Here is the complimentary amuse-bouche (they change it up). It was a cold paprika soup. The flavor was good – tasted like fresh bell pepper. Was it the favorite of the night? No. Would I order it if it were on the menu, no. But if you like cold soups and bell pepper, this is perfect for you.


Chef’s Appetizer Tasting Plate – this comes with the Prix Fixe Menu (3 Course). You all have to try this appetizer! It’s legit!

141006-03Devilled Egg with an olive and prosciutto on top – this was alright. Not great, not the best.

141006-04Crab Croquette. This was good! Look at all the flakes of crab in there, it’s served on top of a tomato marinara type sauce. It was good but not my favorite of the dish.

141006-05You had me at herb butter sauce, Oyster. It was good, I wish oysters didn’t shrink when cooked! I love oysters.

141006-06This is why I need to post quicker because I totally forgot what this dish is. It’s a cold one and gelatinous. Shrimp based gelatin on the bottom, a cauliflower (I believe?) puree layer (thankfully it didn’t taste like cauliflower) and an edamame on top. This was one real interesting dish. You know what the shrimp gelatin reminded me of? The flavor of shrimp chips – the ones that look like small crinkle fries. I don’t think I appreciated it that night as much as I do now….because I would love to try it again!

141006-07LOBSTER. Okay, so the prix fixe menus all come with appetizers but you are able to upgrade your appetizer by paying a bit extra. Kristian went for the Roasted Spiny Lobster Tail with Nantua Sauce which cost $8.oo extra, I’d say it was worth the extra $8! He loved it.

141006-08Rib Eye Steak with Red Wine Mustard Sauce with Maui Onions. This was Kristian’s dish, I’m starting to wonder if he substituted the sauce because he loves teriyaki sauce. Please do let me know Kristian if you see this. He was head over hills for this steak! I got to taste a bit and yeah, I would be too!


141006-10Roasted Rack of Lamb with Shiitake Mushroom and Mint Sauce – oh my gosh. It was so good! Sorry for those who don’t like rare meat, I enjoy seeing blood in mine! You are welcome to add a 3rd chop if you want to for either $7 or $8. I was fine with the normal portion. Was perfect!


And of course, you end the meal with dessert! We decided to try two different ones just for fun. This is the assorted cheese and walnut raisin bread. It was okay, I wouldn’t get it again.

141006-12I would get this one again! Kona Coffee Ice Cream, Creme Brulee, Japanese Cheesecake – WHO WOULDN’T WANT THIS??





Birthday Eve – 2014

My birthday was this past weekend and it was wonderful. I was lucky that it fell in the weekend and got to spend some great time with friends and family and of course grind on some great food. Today, I’m going to share some pictures from my birthday eve day. Please enjoy!

140819-01Road to Makapu’u

140819-02We made it to the top! What a gorgeous view.

After our hike at the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail, I had dinner with my friend Kristian. He was generous enough to treat me to a dinner at Le Bistro. I’ve had a few experiences there before and it was all very nice. He made a reservation a week beforehand so we were all set. How did it go? Well…it started off incredibly rocky. We got seated right away, given menus and water cups filled. We spent a few minutes reviewing the menu and were ready to order pretty quick. Then came the waiting. I watched as waiters ran back and forth to several tables around the restaurant while we were being ignored. I knew what time we had arrived and guess what? They left us waiting for 30 damn minutes before a waiter came and greeted us. And what’s worse…he didn’t mention or apologize for the wait at all. I was livid. I mean he really showed up right at the moment I considered walking out with no regrets.

Well, right after we got greeted – service was much better. It took a while for me to uncross my arms and get the bitch look off my face…it must have loosened up 3/4 into his sharing of the daily specials. So anyway, we put our orders in and the food came out reasonably quick afterwards. Here are the pictures.

140819-03Mojito for me. It wasn’t great, I wouldn’t recommend it.

140819-04Bread with butter. The bread was mini baguettes sliced thin. The bread was okay, it wasn’t crispy and it was at room temperature.


Fricasse Of Shellfish – made up of mussels and clams. Delicious! The sauce was buttery goodness – we got a refill of bread that we quickly used to soak it up. The mussels tasted great, Genki Sushi got nothing on them…lol.

140819-06Quartet of Beef

140819-07Filet Mignon and Garlic Mashed Potatoes from the Quartet of Beef
Delicious! I got my meat dishes medium rare.

140819-08Burger with Foie Gras
Totally un-PC dish but delicious nonetheless.

140819-09Ribeye from the Quartet of Beef
Delicious! It comes with a cube of cooked daikon (a bit random) and a fingerling potato (mine was completely burnt)

140819-10Short Ribs from the Quartet of Beef
This dish was alright – nothing special. The beef was cooked for a long while but not enough where it was soft and tender…a bit tough.

140819-11Surf and Turf Special

140819-12Halibut with Lobster – drool….

140819-13Miyazaki Tenderloin from Japan
The waiter said it melts in your mouth – and it does! Also melts the money in your wallet…lol. It was so good though!

140819-14Spumoni Ice Cream Cake

140819-15Complimentary Creme Brulee for the birthday girl (me!)
To get this dessert, you better have no shame cause they gonna sing to you in front of the entire restaurant. I’m Chinese so no worries, free dessert! It was good! The strawberries were sour! My face is scrunching up just thinking about it.

So the service and food after the rocky start did make the meal enjoyable to a point. The lighting got super dark afterwards so I apologize for the bad quality pictures. I have had their lamb in the past and those are my absolute favorite. I wanted to try something new this time and whlie it was pretty good, I would go back to the lamb next time!