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Tori Ton is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants and you will see why as I share pictures of the food! While I recommend this restaurant, the parking lot is abysmal! I usually chance it and drive to the parking lot to see if I can score a spot before I call and inquire about a reservation. So far, when I have found a parking spot, I’ve been lucky enough to get a reservation when I call. Sometimes, it’s with a warning that I would have to leave within a certain amount of time, which has always been reasonable! They share a parking lot with Sweet Home Cafe which explains the crazy full parking lot.

Yummy Cucumber Sesame Flavored | $3.90

Hands down, my favorite cucumber pupu ever. And Tori Ton is the one that sparked my love for it. The seasoning is always good, not always consistent. Sometimes it’s saltier but it’s okay because I always get the next dish…

TKG Rice | $3.90
premium rice with fresh egg from ok poultry

Pretty sure that’s the price, it might be wrong by like 10 cents, haha. Fresh Waimana TKG egg to mix in with the hot rice. They give you the seasoned soy sauce to mix in and well, it’s just heaven in a bowl. No need to worry about raw eggs here, it’s all so good and I have never gotten sick. Funny story, I must have looked like I was struggling because I pour the egg straight into the rice and enjoy stirring it together. One of the waitresses told me it might be easier to scramble up the egg in its bowl before pouring it into the rice to mix. Funny how I never thought of that. Also, I am stubborn and like mixing the whole egg into the rice. Maybe it looks like I was having hard time. On an unrelated note, I think there are many times that I look like I need help (no jokes please) because people always try to help me. Can’t figure out if that’s a good or bad thing.

On a related note! Have you folks been watching the new season of Terrace House? Oh my, this new season is so good and fast moving. But there was quite a chatter about TKG rice in it since one of the cast members said she never tried it before the show! What the what! Anyway, I recommend this dish.

Anchovy Potato | $4.90

Another must-have pupu for me. It’s really just french fries sprinkled with like an anchovy aji? Anchovy dashi powder? I don’t know, it’s just so good. I love it. Perfect with a beer (I don’t drink beer lol).

Assorted Sashimi | $13?
3 items chef’s selection

Ah, so sorry for the crappy price keeping this time. I am pretty sure it is 12 something but I can’t say for sure. When we first started coming here, it was $9.80, what a deal right? 12 something is still okay but I can’t forget how much it USED to be. Anyway, basic, nothing special so it’s not something I’m raving about.

Pork Wrapped Flavored Quail Eggs | $2.90 (each)

The quail eggs are perfectly seasoned and cooked. I love biting into this and the yolk is creamy. And let’s be real, it’s basically an egg wrapped in bacon so how can one go wrong? Delish.

Pork Wrapped Japanese Premium Rice | $3.90 (each)

Okay, haha another pork dish! More raw egg! I mean the title of the dish says it all. I’m just finding more excuses to eat more raw egg and this dish checks all the marks.

Whole Tomato w/Root Vegetable Salad | $8.90
broccoli, lotus roots, whole tomato, sprouts, mizuna, mushrooms, burdock, paprika (bell pepper), yamaimo (mountain yam)

This salad is a recent addition to my usual dishes at this restaurant and WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG? $9 bucks and look at all the guts you get. You wanna eat salad? You want to eat healthy? Hey, I think 9 bucks for a salad like this is a pretty good deal right. It’s a very interesting salad, no romaine lettuce, sorry to all you lettuce lovers. It’s certainly packed full of fiber…and it’s all dressed in a goma dressing. And yes, it really is a whole tomato smack dab in the middle. But you know what’s cool? It’s a peeled tomato!

Everything in this salad just works together so well, I would love it if they added natto. I just love all the slimy foods! If the ingredients listed above appeal to you, give the salad a try! Give Tori Ton a try if you haven’t been!

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  1. kat

    everything looked great!

  2. vickinags

    This is another place on my gotta try list. Best part is my mom lives a couple blocks away so walking over is not bad. Just never found time yet.

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