The Little Oven – Part Deux

Did I tell you folks?  The Little Oven is back in business!  Yay!  They recently opened up again and hold hours on Friday and Saturday nights.  I was so happy!   You know what’s even better?  They have been consistently open the entire time!  And I don’t mean that as a cutting remark, really I don’t.  I am one of their biggest fans so I am genuinely happy they are open!  The waiter knows us already – not by name yet.  I think I should learn to introduce myself more to people.  So they’re back to making some great desserts!  About two weeks ago, they served a special called the Autumn Trio.  I am SO happy I decided to try it!  Please join me as we enter dessert heaven.


A feast for your eyes and your mouth!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A little late to post but better late than never right??  I found these cute breast cancer awareness ribbon nail stickers at Party City a while back and finally got to put it on!  Well me being as graceful as I am…the stickers lasted all of a day or two.  Do you ever look at girls who have all those trinkets on their nails?  I always think to myself – man, they must do no housework whatsoever.  And the girls with the long nails and trinkets?  I wonder how they wipe their butt.  LOL.  Okay sorry for that image.  Anyway.  This picture also comes at a funny time, this is like almost exactly where I was flipped off today.  It’s funny because the person who flipped me off was first of all, wrong because she was at a stop sign and was trying to cut me off (I had the right of way) and then when I waved for her to go (cause she was pretty much blocking my lane), she gives me the finger and doesn’t move.  What was that about?  I drove home pretty irritated…and she was behind me most of the way of course.  I felt a little scared because well, you never know these days.  She could have been a lunatic and who knows what she would have done.  Okay okay, I will stop talking and show my nails.  Hope you are all doing well!


711 Pasta Salad

I noticed this new pasta salad at 711 the other day and decided to try it for dinner.  I don’t have a full picture of this but at the bottom of this dish is cooked spaghetti noodles.  I don’t know why they put a white sauce on the noodles – it’s a cold pasta salad.  I’m guessing it’s mayonnaise but I’m not sure.  On the top of the spaghetti is a small container of dressing (I assume it’s oriental dressing), some salad greens and a few pieces of what tasted like Korean chicken.  Here’s a picture.


Looks pretty good huh?  It was all right.  I think the mayonnaise keeps the pasta moist so it won’t stick together.  The chicken was…not great.  It was cold and hard…so a bit rough.  All in all the salad was good but not something I would return for.

Brug Bakery

Have you tried the new Brug Bakery in Shirokiya yet?  When they first opened, it was pandemonium!  The line was neverending and people were limited to like two pieces per person.  I came by on a weekday for lunch recently and decided to check out their goods.  I bought a half loaf of their regular white bread.  It definitely is pricey, the half loaf cost about 6 dollars but each slice is big and thick!

131028-01Toasted Brug bread with tuna salad and cranberries

How’s the bread?  DELICIOUS.  I can see why it costs what it costs.  You can taste a lot of good quality ingredients and they must have bread baking down to a perfect science.  I toasted the bread a bit so it was crispy yet still soft inside.  Perfection.  And then since I was still on the tuna kick, I added tuna and cranberries on top.  I bought like this huge bag of cranberries at Costco because it was on sale.  Costco is dangerous.


Chongga Kimchi

The other week, I had to wait two hours at Costco to get my tire fixed so I had a lot of time to browse.  I happened upon their cold cases and saw a bottle of kimchee I wanted!  No, not Halm’s kimchee.  But you know what?  I haven’t had Halm’s in the longest time!  The kimchee I saw was Chongga Kimchi and it was imported from Korea!  I just HAD to try it.



Apparently it’s the #1 kimchi brand in the world.  I don’t know how they got a title like that but I’ll go with it.  So how is it?  The first few bites, I thought it was just all right.  Tasted a bit sour and I didn’t think it was great.  Well as I started eating more…the flavor was definitely better.  I like it a lot.  It’s only about 7 dollars for this jar of kimchee so I think it’s a great deal.  I hope Costco continues to carry it but you know that they continually switch up their goods.  If you like kimchee, I highly suggest you give this a try!  It’s only been about a week and I’m almost done with it.  I’m a kimchee freak!

Homemade Sushi Rolls

This is the first time I made legit sushi rolls.  This is something Gulick has that I’ve always liked.  It’s just a simple tuna roll with furikake and daikon.  So instead of paying Gulick money for part of a roll, why not make my own and eat as much as I want (though I shouldn’t)?  Well here are the results of me rolling my own!

131026-01First roll!  Yummy…

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Coming Home

I’ve done my fair share of traveling but when I fly home, I usually land at night.  While the night view out of the airplane is beautiful with all the city lights – my camera isn’t exactly equipped to take those photos.  I was looking through some old pictures and found some landing pictures from a neighbor island trip.  I never sit by the window because I usually need to use the restroom a lot but a short neighbor island flight is no problem.

Don’t you feel so happy to see the islands when you fly home?  Especially since almost every flight home takes at least 5 hours or so.  I still think our airport has a lot to improve on but nothing beats Hawaii.



Recipe: Lilikoi Chiffon Squares

My long favorite lilikoi chiffon squares!  I can’t believe how long this post was on my old blog.  Even this one has 20+ pictures!  And in the past I didn’t have wordpress so I had to do codes and two different image sizes (thumbnails and full picture!).  Anyway, this recipe is definitely worth posting!  It takes a lot of effort but is soooo worth it.  Warning, graphic heavy post!!


Two sticks of butter.  Game on.

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My old blog and domain will expire soon and I realize that I really need to transfer some entries over!  Minimally the recipes I made before so gosh, I hope I can get it all copied out today!  I will probably copy just the text and reedit the pictures for this blog.  I’m looking over some older pictures and I think I’d like to reshare my past dining experiences as well.  Hopefully you like pictures of food, I sure do.  Hope you all are having a great day!

131022-01Beautiful latte art courtesy of Glazers Coffee.


Jay’s Cafe – Honolulu, HI

Jay’s Cafe is a cute little shop that popped up on Liliha street across the street from McDonald’s by the pawn shop.  Apparently, they have two parking spots behind the building but they are HORRENDOUS.  I hated parking in it.  So I would highly suggest parking on the street if you can or if you go at night, possibly the lot next door?  As I was leaving that lot was empty because it’s an office building.  I don’t think it would hurt parking there if it’s off-office hours.

Jay’s Cafe serves up fresh baked cookies, desserts, cakes, shaved snow and sushi.  Yes, all of that is served from this shop.  Interesting right?  Well I already know from experience that I don’t like shaved snow – they serve that at Frostcity and I just never got into it.  The desserts look impressive but I wanted to feed my sushi craving.  If this place serves up good spicy tuna and garlic salmon – I don’t have to drive all the way out to Genki Sushi or Kuru Kuru!  The shop is run by a cute Chinese family.  When I went in, the parents were working away while the two little kids played (fought…lol) on their own.  It was a cute atmosphere for sure.  So how was the food??  Let’s take a look…


Yummy…spicy tuna and garlic salmon.  Doesn’t that look amazing?

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