I-naba – Honolulu, Hawaii

I-naba is a small little gem tucked away on South King Street.  I’ve long been a fan of soba so it was only destiny that led me to this restaurant.  We came here a bit close to their closing time but was able to get seated anyway.  Even though we thought we were a little late, there was still a small stream of customers that came in after us!


I enjoy nice menus…come on in…


Fresh flowers!  That’s hard to find nowadays in a restaurant.  Little touches make all the difference.


Complimentary edamame


Tempura Oroshi Soba 12.99

130803-05Nice and refreshing…it is served in a cold broth


I know, I know – it’s just tsukemono.  But look at the amazing color contrast!


Ahhhh….this was so good!  


Perfectly cooked soba noodles.  This is legit, look at the specks of buckwheat in the noodles…


Light and crunchy tempura. Delicious.

130803-10Japanese Rice with Edamame.  Simple, clean and tasty.


Dipping sauce for the tempura.  Yum!

Would I come back to this restaurant?  Definitely!  And I think they have some great lunch specials for you to try.  If you’re a fan of soba like I am, please go to this restaurant.  We need to support local small businesses.

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  1. Darren

    This place looks like a real find ms Jen, love the detail work they seem to pay to things and the food looks hella good

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