I-naba – Honolulu, Hawaii

I-naba is a small little gem tucked away on South King Street.  I’ve long been a fan of soba so it was only destiny that led me to this restaurant.  We came here a bit close to their closing time but was able to get seated anyway.  Even though we thought we were a little late, there was still a small stream of customers that came in after us!


I enjoy nice menus…come on in…

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Kiss My Grits – Honolulu, Hawaii

With a name like Kiss My Grits, how could you resist not trying it out?  Kiss My Grits has been in Manoa for about 2 years now and it’s a welcome restaurant!  I like it because we don’t have much Southern food in Hawaii so it was great to see a place open up that was so close to me.  You can never go wrong with Fried Chicken…

130801-02Why hello

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I’ve been a bit of a hiking fiend as of late.  I’ve done three hikes in about three weeks, not bad huh?  This was the one that started it all.  Makapu’u is definitely an easier hike – even for someone who’s horribly out of shape like me…lol.  It was a nice hike and you get such a beautiful view at the end.  It was also very windy up there – although it was very hot in the middle of the path.  We went at the perfect time, right before sunset so we got to watch the sky turn all kinds of colors as we returned down.  It was gorgeous, I plan to share my pictures very soon.  I’m sorry for the lack of updates – I’ve been a bit stressed at work so I’ve come home exhausted.  Let me share this one picture of the lighthouse I got from this hike.  It sounds weird but lighthouses remind me of the mainland from the movies…so when I saw it in person – I felt like I was in the mainland.  Do you get that?  Hehe…hope you all have a great week.


Bambu Desserts and Drinks

I have been so bad at updating lately.  I think I need to go back to scheduling a few posts at a time.  When it comes to the work week, I get very tired and am not able to update at night.  Can I share with you my current favorite?  I tried out Bambu Desserts and Drinks about a month or so ago and absolutely loved it.  They specialize in Vietnamese desserts.  I get the number 10, I don’t even know what it’s called but all I can think about is #10 all the time.  It contains coconut milk, grass jelly, red tapioca and pandan jelly.  It’s amazing.  In my past visit, I learned that you can substitute the insides as well!  I haven’t always been a big fan of the grass jelly so I decided to try the basil seeds this time.  Not bad, it doesn’t really have a taste much like chia seeds.  I think the next time I will ask for half pandan and half red tapioca.  Yummy…


Formaggio Wine Bar

Formaggio Wine Bar is a little restaurant tucked away in Market City Shopping Center.  It’s located right next to the Fujioka’s Wine Times – its windows and door is completely blacked out so you could easily miss it if you’re not looking for this place.  Once inside, you seat yourself wherever you like.  It’s very dark in here and they even offer live performances some nights.  I’ve been here a few times in the past few years but the quality has steadily gone downhill.  My past visit a few weeks ago cemented my thoughts about not returning again unless I’m pretty desperate.

Moscato Sunrise - the best part of my meal.  Pinot Grigio and Moscato served together, gorgeous right?

Moscato Sunrise – the best part of my meal. Pinot Noir and Moscato served together, gorgeous right?

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The Little Oven

Can I start this post off with a “lol”?  It sounds terrible but The Little Oven remains ever as mysterious as ever.  For those who don’t know of The Little Oven, they were a small little bakery/dessert place.  When they had first opened a few years ago, they received nothing but acclaim.  Why?  Because they make amazing desserts!  I was a frequent customer and then the shop suddenly disappeared.  Well, their storefront always remained but they never opened their doors again.  While I understand circumstances change, what bothered me most was the lack of communication.  They have a webpage, twitter, instagram and a facebook!   They could have even gone old school and posted a sign on their door!  So the fans soon became angry and start posted one star reviews on Yelp – it really made me sad to see.  Their food deserves five stars for sure.

Well about 6 months ago, a miracle happened!  The Little Oven posted a new update and opened their doors for service once again.  I was ecstatic!  My friend and I headed over and got a seat at the counter and anxiously waited for our desserts.  The staff was exactly the same, even the waiter!  In fact, I couldn’t believe he recognized us!  Let me share some pictures from that night…

Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake

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Painting is really therapeutic..

Painting is really therapeutic.  Currently on Oahu, there is only one place you can paint ceramics and it’s at Clay Cafe.  I used to frequent their place in Aina Haina but they have since moved out to Ward Warehouse.  This place can get pretty busy so I do wish we had a few more on island to go to…

Sweet E’s Cafe

I love breakfast food, don’t you??  That would explain why I have posted breakfast two days in a row.  I really wish McDonald’s would carry breakfast all day long, I bet they would make so much more money.  I’d take their breakfast platters over the other food anytime.  Sweet E’s Cafe is a cute little breakfast/brunch place located in Kapahulu.  It’s a nice place to eat but it is very busy and their parking lot is very very limited.  I had to parallel park on the street which I hate doing but it was well worth the effort!  On to the pictures!

Corned Beef Hash Eggs Benedict

Corned Beef Hash Eggs Benedict

What can I say?  I'm a sucker for runny yolks...this was delicious!  And you can definitely tell the corned beef hash was homemade.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for runny yolks…this was delicious! And you can definitely tell the corned beef hash was homemade.





Toast!!  Star of the meal and it was heavenly.  This one is the blueberry cream cheese stuffed french toast with fresh fruits.

Toast!! Star of the meal and it was heavenly. This one is the blueberry cream cheese stuffed french toast with fresh fruits.

This meal was a winner all around.  Homemade corned beef hash, how often do you find that in a restaurant?  The stuffed french toast?  I don’t even like french toast and I loved this dish.  I can’t wait to get back here to try more food, I just gotta get out here on a random weekday so it’s not so busy.  Definitely try this place out.




Eggs ‘n Things – Ala Moana

Eggs ‘n Things has been a breakfast institution in Hawai’i for years.  Unfortunately, I never got a chance to try them in Waikiki.  I hate to admit it but it takes a lot for me to try a place if they do not have good parking – I guess I could never make the jump.  They did however open a new location in Ala Moana about 6-7 months ago and I had to give it a try!  I saw that the reviews on Yelp were pretty bad against this place but I still wanted to try it myself!  While my experience wasn’t bad, it definitely was not good.  The prices for this place are expensive for the same portion and quality as other breakfast joints.

Waffle with Strawberry Whip Cream w/ Nuts - $12.75 (!)

Waffle with Strawberry Whip Cream w/ Nuts – $12.75 (!)

Corned Beef Hash ($9.95), nothing special - not worth the price

Corned Beef Hash ($9.95), nothing special – not worth the price

Sunrise Chicken (?) - the dish was okay, pricey

Sunrise Chicken (?) – the dish was okay, pricey

All in all, it was a pretty lackluster meal.  There were a lot of Japanese tourists around so maybe it is more of a tourist trap.  The food quality was not bad for my visit (although reviewers on Yelp might differ in opinion on their food) – I just don’t think it’s worth the price.



Snapshot – Downtown

I used to work in downtown YEARS ago and loved every minute of it.  Downtown can definitely be a pain in the butt – I had to take the bus every single day because there is no parking but I didn’t mind.  The jobs I worked were all part-time and in customer service which for me meant, stress-free work!  Okay maybe not stress-free but I definitely was not in a big office making big business decisions.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share a quick snapshot I got of downtown when I was running errands one day.

Downtown Honolulu

Downtown Honolulu