Yajima-Ya – Honolulu, HI

I ran an errand in Ala Moana recently and finally got to try Yajima-Ya food truck! I was very curious about where this place was and if it was on the same lot as the Yajima service station. I also wonder if it’s affiliated with the actual service station or if it’s just taking advantage of the name recognition? Well I found the truck and it’s located in the back behind Hinone Mizunone in it’s own little lot. It shares a lot with another food truck, there are about three parking stalls fronting the trucks as well. I had the pleasure of struggling to back out of the lot into the busy two lane road and realize I was gassing it with my brake on. Good job Jenny. Anyhoo! I came here to try their food and had to try their signature, Mushroom Chicken! Check it out!

140314-01Yajima-Ya Menu as of February 2014

140314-02Here is the mushroom chicken on a bed of rice, spinach salad and a potato salad

140314-03Close-up of the chicken – nice and tender pieces of chicken

140314-04The glorious mushroom gravy slathered on. Look at the huge chunks of mushrooms. Thank you for using fresh mushrooms! The details as I say, always count. Super nice Japanese man runs the line – they pack up the gravy in its own container separate from the plate. No leaky plate! So what did I think? I thought it was good! A little salty since the chicken tasted seasoned and the gravy is of course salty so maybe you could use some of the gravy first and adjust according to taste. Give them a try!

Papa Ole’s – Hauula, HI

The first time I heard about Papa Ole’s was from Lance, a reader of this blog! Thanks for sharing Lance! After his suggestion, I saw it pop up on my yelp feed and the pictures had me salivating. I. had. to. go. And go I did. I went a few weeks ago for the first time with some family. It was a great ride out there and the staff were very friendly. We ordered a pulehu ribs plate and a shrimp plate to share. It was not even 11 am on a Sunday morning and we already snatched up the last pulehu ribs plate, I couldn’t believe it! Here’s my sad part of the story, the ribs were SALTY. Like crazy salty. I could pick off grains salt to create a mountain if I wanted to…but the meat. Oh the meat, it was so good. Thick cut ribs…cooked medium rare – oh so tender and good. It was hard to get past the salt. I figured since we got the last plate, we had the saltiest bunch.

Well, I had to drive out to Laie this week for a meeting and I suggested to my coworkers to eat at Papa Ole’s and we did. Everyone got the pulehu ribs and sorry but it was so salty again! Don’t get me wrong, I know when you get anything pulehu or pipikaula style, it’s going to be salty but this is beyond what I can handle. One of my coworkers actually got a combo kalbi and pulehu plate and let us try a piece of the kalbi. The kalbi was very good. The seasoning was on point and they served it thick cut like the pulehu…unfortunately they also also cooked them to like a crisp. Even though it was cooked way over, the meat was fortunately still tender. I think if I do return, I would ask for the kalbi ribs done medium rare. Sorry for all the text, let’s get to the pics!

140309-06Let the rooster greet you. He just walks around like he owns the place. Pretty smart if you ask me, that’s some good crumbs he’s getting!

140309-01Portuguese Eggs and Rice Plate – $9.00
For the kids and it comes with toast too! I think this is overpriced so I wouldn’t get it again.

140309-02Sauteed Shrimp Plate – $12.00
This is like shrimp scampi style, a little bit creamy – pretty good!


140309-04Pulehu Ribs Plate – $12.00
Look at that meat, how can one resist? The ratings are crazy high on Yelp so maybe you need to try these yourself to see if you like it!

140309-07Pulehu and Kalbi Ribs Combination Plate – $12.00
My coworker couldn’t decide between the two so they said they can put both on the plate and charged the same price! Glad they did, I got to try the Kalbi!

140309-08Pulehu Ribs View

140309-09Kalbi Ribs View – it wasn’t too charred on this side but when we turned it over…it was completely black!

140309-10This is the size of their mini Pulehu Ribs plate. Great deal for $7.50, comes with 3 ribs!

Another thing – the first time I came here they asked if I wanted mac or green salad. We decided to get one of each. This past time, they didn’t ask us which we wanted so we got mac. I totally forgot about that and wish they had. The green salad and dressing is delicious and honestly, you should eat the greens to offset the ribs a bit. So just wanted to let you folks know about the green salad option! In case you don’t know, Papa Ole’s is located in the same shopping center as Longs Drugs and Tamura’s.

140309-05A picture from my first drive over…have a good one guys!

Kanak Attack – Honolulu, HI

I heard there used to be a Kanak Attack food truck in town but it closed down. I saw this Nimitz location on Yelp and I’m not sure if it’s the same owner but it’s the same name! I didn’t actually come in here myself but my coworker was picking up lunch so I got my lunch there too! She got me the garlic chicken plate – check it out!


140305-02Pretty delicious! I didn’t get the plate fresh but it was still good! Comes with two scoops of rice, salad and garlic chicken morsels. They were boneless and I’m pretty sure all thigh meat. It tasted very good! I would definitely try this place again – it’s too bad I don’t work near here.

Cooking Fresh For You – Honolulu, HI

I’m not going to mention where I work exactly but I think those who work in the same place as me will figure it out with this post.  About a year ago, food trucks have been popping up near my work place and I have loved it.  It’s great to have other choices for lunch and I like to support small business owners who work hard to run their food trucks.  I’ve tried Cooking Fresh For You a few times since they’ve been on-campus.  What’s cool is that they were one of the first trucks that popped up and they are still staying strong.  I find their plates to be hit or miss, they focus on serving fresh and healthier food plates.

Well, after a long break from them…my desperation for food came through when I had no other choice (sorry!).  I definitely did not regret this decision!  My plate was delicious!  I ordered their chicken with mushroom sauce.

140115-01Fresh fruit, mixed greens, three chicken thighs (dark meat is the best!) served on top of brown rice

140115-02I was surprised that they served chicken thighs but was fine because the meat was so tender.  The chicken and sauce were delicious, the brown rice was good.  I enjoyed the addition of fresh fruit slices, they were surprisingly juicy and sweet.  My only complaint is the salad.  Don’t get me wrong, I love salads but the greens they use while high quality are very bitter.  I can’t take the bitterness.  Their prices are also very good!  I think this dish was about 8-9 bucks, I’d go for this dish over L&L any day!


Alicia’s Market – Honolulu, Hawaii

I don’t think I need to tell people again that Kalihi has the best lunch spots, the only sad thing is that they are usually closed or have limited hours during the weekends.  One day, when I was running errands for work – I was able to drop into Alicia’s Market for lunch!  Oh my, my food was SO good.  I got a mini plate – two choice with poke.  How will be this served?  They actually used the square mini plate lunch box!  And boy was it STUFFED.  Check it out!


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