Win-Spuntino – Waialae, HI

Win-Spuntino is a brand spanking new restaurant that opened up in the Market City Shopping Center. They are located right by Foodland, above the Thai restaurant. I know what you’re thinking, there’s a two story place there? Yes, there is. Anyhow, this restaurant got an interesting start. The owner of the cell phone shop that was located by Anytime Cafe had to move locations and found they had too much room in the new space so they decided to open the cell phone place along with an Italian restaurant. Interesting starts aside, they serve up some pretty good food! I’ve been waiting for a good priced, good tasting, take-out Italian eatery for a while now. I have a lot of pictures to share in this post because it was an office order. My biggest piece of advice, forgo the sandwiches and garlic bread and go straight for the pasta. That’s the good stuff. Let’s get started shall we? Oh! By the way, I found out that the old Fun Factory space will become a Walgreens. As if that parking lot couldn’t get more congested and junk right? Okay, now on with the pictures and review!

140810-05Small Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich and Salad Combo – $7.75
We had a decent sized order, this is a great deal. Six inch sub along with a small salad – they were nice enough to pack the salad separately to avoid the dressing running into the bread. How was this sandwich? My coworkers didn’t enjoy it. They found that the eggplant wasn’t cooked long enough so the eggplant was a bit too firm/crunchy for their taste. They enjoy their eggplant a bit more cooked/mushy, FYI.


Small Meatball Sandwich and Salad Combo – $7.75
It was all right, nothing special.

140810-09Small Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich and Salad Combo – $7.75
It’s okay, would taste better fresh (it was eaten a bit later). Also, they put raw romaine in all their sandwiches. That’s a bit weird and not necessary.

140810-07Small Italian Sausage Sandwich and Salad Combo – $7.75
Oh blah. I was really looking forward to this sandwich because…look at the sausage! How awesome does that look? Big chunks of whole sliced sausage. Well I saved this one for dinner since I had pasta for lunch. The bread is terrible. Does not hold up well. The sausage? There was a weird taste to it. Not like spoiled or anything, I just didn’t like this sausage and I like all kinds of sausage. Okay let’s move on with the commentary…

The following salad pictures are the salads that come with the small sandwich combos. Big salads I say!

140810-22Pea Salad – it wasn’t mine but it doesn’t look too appetizing to me…peas look a bit mushy as well


140810-26Pasta Salad – yes, it’s served on a bed of romaine lettuce. All their salads are…lol


140810-24Tomato and Mozzarella – this was my salad. I was all excited for it thinking it would be a lot like a caprese. Hmm…didn’t work that way. The tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese are marinated in a very light balsamic vinegar dressing. The cheese was a bit firmer than I expected and very flavorless – I didn’t enjoy this salad.


140810-21Curry Chicken Salad – this is probably the winner of all the salads. If you like a mild curry, you will like this. You must also like raisins. Wish I got this!

140810-06Garlic Bread – $3.00
Blah. Not worth it for 3 bucks. You might as well go to Foodland and grab your own loaf to bake up…I have a big issue with their bread in general


140810-02Chicken Alfredo and Mushrooms – $9.50


140810-04Shrimp Scampi – $11.25
Oh my gosh. I knew what I was getting into when I ordered this. All kinds of good and dangerousness for my body. Shrimp scampi soaking in butter and garlic. They are so generous with shrimp and the sauce was delicious. It was SO good. I would definitely order this again.


140810-11Chicken Marsala – $9.50


140810-13Chicken Sorrentino – $10.25
Chicken, Eggplant, Cheese, Mushrooms, Butter and Marsala Sauce



Chicken, Bacon and Shrimp Casino – $12.00 (Daily Special)


140810-19Spaghetti with Meat Sauce – $7.75
How can you lose with this much pasta and meat for 8 bucks?? This usually comes with Linguini. Their pasta dishes come with linguine by default but spaghetti is also available!


140810-17Linguine Meatball – $8.75 (with spaghetti instead)
My coworker kept this dish for dinner (putting it in the fridge of course) and didn’t think the spaghetti held up real well. I wouldn’t mind trying it with linguine.

Anyhow, the pasta dishes were great! They give incredible portions for crazy great prices. I don’t know how they are going to stay in business with these portions and prices. Even though I say this, I will still be disappointed if any of this changes! They are doing great for now, I hope they keep it up!

New 711 Goodies

Okay, I went to Target last night and well it was pretty empty by the time I got there. We got there around 8:15 pm and there was parking right off the bat. How was the store? Pretty good! Felt like a typical shopping night. However, once you got to the food shelves, a lot of them were wiped clean! Especially the bread. I was able to pick up most of what I needed (no batteries left) and after my brother broke a glass lantern holder by mistake, I got out of there. We apologized and reported it but I felt so bad by then that I didn’t want to stay. Their water was all gone too! I heard you can head to the water bottlers directly to grab some water for those who still don’t have any. I’ll remain positive and hope for the best – I really hope it weakens and there will be minimal damage.

I also decided to go to Costco after Target for gas. It was 9:15 pm and the line was still out to the road. The line moved pretty fast considering how congested it originally was. Glad I got my gas last night, I was actually running low anyhow. Take care everyone and stay safe out there.

Anyway, onto today’s post! 711 is stepping up their gourmet game! I’ve noticed quite a few new items lately and decided to give a few a try. Here they are!



140806-03Curry Doria! Isn’t that awesome?? I got this from the cold case and followed instructions to heat it up in the microwave. The instructions lied! I even put it in an extra 30 seconds and it was still cold on the inside. The top was completely hot and melted so I thought the whole thing was heated through. How was it? Other than the hard cold rice, not bad! A tad too salty for me but I am definitely glad I tried it!



140806-06Spicy Ahi and Seafood Poke Bowl. Translation – a few chunks of ahi and a lot of imitation crab in the spicy ahi sauce. The price is good so I didn’t mind! How was it? Bleh. Not good. The spicy ahi and seafood mixture didn’t taste that great, I prefer a stronger sesame oil taste. The rice? Super mushy and sweet. I think they were going the Tanioka’s route in terms of a sweet rice but they didn’t execute it well. I would not get this again.

Sushi King – Moilili, Hawaii

Oh my gosh. People really got whipped into a frenzy over the storms huh? I think I am being a bit too nonchalant about all this. In fact, I need to go to Target for a general shopping trip and am afraid of what I will encounter. I shall report back if it was chaos. I hope you folks are all ready for the storms…and that everyone stays safe. Hopefully when it hits land, it will be much weaker. I’ll try to schedule out my posts as soon as I can to have it all ready. Hope you folks had a good start to the week. I was super tired this morning but coffee really perked me up. I’ve become one of those people. A person that NEEDS coffee. I heard a cup of coffee is good for you. I just need to cut back on the sugar…

Anyway! Just a quick update of a recent late night dinner at Sushi King. They have late night specials that start at 10:30 pm. This is the dish my cousin had for her return night dinner. The Chirashi Special is $15.95. Do I think it’s worth it? Sure, it might be but I think I would prefer getting my sashimi/nigiri fix at other places…




Hiyashi Ramen – Agu Ramen

Hey folks! Hope you are all doing well. I had a rough day today. Been a rough month! But August starts us up new, new month new attitude. I was so tired today. Like just drained. I pulled myself together and went to work. Anyway, I’ll try to update more often! I am so behind in pictures! Let me share a quick update from yet another visit to Agu Ramen. If you read my blog, you know I’ve been there many times. This particular visit, it was all hot outside so I didn’t feel like eating a brothy dish so I went for the Hiyashi Ramen. It was so good! Check it out.


140804-02It was so refreshing and delicious. A lot of different ingredients but the dressing really made the dish. It inspired me to make my own cold ramen salad the week after. It didn’t work at all. Hehe..

140804-03Kicked Up Fries – meh. Not worth it. They are supposed to be cajun fries, not sure what’s cajun about it. The fries were just salty.

140804-04My friend had the Shio Jidori. This is a great alternative to their thick and rich kotteri/tonkotsu options. I like that they offer a lighter chicken broth, it’s definitely something I would try the next time I go!