Where Have I Been?

Soo…I finished a milestone in my life and I think it’s been more than I had expected. I’ve fallen into a bit of a funk, maybe it’s just a period where I question what to do now with my life. I don’t quite have the answers yet so I’ve been resting and taking it easy, catching up with hobbies and still going to work everyday. I think I do need a break from it all but haven’t planned any trips yet. I seem to have lost the motivation for many things…including this blog. Nothing is wrong with me, just trying to slowly get back into the swing of things in life.

I did want to share a silly thing I’ve gotten into…or have been into for a while. Have you folks heard of slime? The homemade slime kids play with? I definitely got into it. It’s both therapeutic, fun to make…and I love how creative you can get with it. I’ll leave you with some of the slimes I have made…I apologize ahead of time. Haha!

Black Butter Slime – mixture of clay and slime. Oh the texture! Beautiful and lovely to play with.

Here are three different slimes and I love the colors! This was before I was making my own so I was buying them online. Oh boy…but now I’m buying all my own supplies to make them. I don’t know which one is more expensive. Haha

This is a slime I like to call Trix Cereal. Haha..simple white slime with multi-color foam balls.

Avalanche Slime. This one includes different colors of clear slime and a white glue slime to create a nice marbling look. You guys must think I’m crazy now. I’ll go back to food posts, I promise.