Typical Morning

This semester has been unpredictable.  Usually after a week or two, traffic stabilizes but that has not happened!  What’s going on??  I’ve been trying to go to work before 7 and even then, there is so much traffic!  Then when I leave much later – I get stuck in UH traffic.  I heard there’s going to be a new H1 project coming up but luckily it’s at night.  I hope it doesn’t affect traffic in the morning too!  Anyway, just wanted to share a picture of traffic one morning.  I really like rain but we know what happens to traffic when it rains in Hawaii…


Orecchiette with Kale

I’ve been looking at my blog the past few days and could have swore I had scheduled out updates all week!  So then I realized I had got all my pictures ready for posting but hadn’t actually done any write-ups.  Sorry!  It’s been crazy busy at work and next week will be even worst so I need to really schedule some things up for posting this weekend.  I wanted to share something I made about two weeks back.  I’ve been trying to cook lunch for work to save money and in hopes of eating healthier!  Here is a dish I made out of orecchiette, anchovies, kale, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, zucchini, and pork meatballs.  I’m really getting into kale just cooked down in a dish.  Kale chips, I’ll pass on those.

Anyhow, the dish came out great!  I don’t put too much seasonings so some may think it’s a bit bland but I really enjoyed it.  I also felt like this dish kept me full a lot longer.  It was great.  I will definitely try to make it again!


Thank you Jalna!!

I started reading Jalna’s blog a few months ago and just love all her stories and photographs.  She also finds some great deals at the Flea Market, lots to learn from her!  One day, she did a drawing for two beautiful bracelets and a cell phone lariat.  I loved it and put in my name even though I never win anything!  Well guess what??  I was lucky enough to be drawn first!  I was so happy to win these three, thank you so much Jalna!  Check her blog!


Cloud Gate – Chicago, IL

Just wanted to share some pictures of the Bean from Chicago aka Cloud Gate.  Can you guess why it’s called Cloud Gate?  It was a really hot day so I didn’t stick around to take too many pictures.  I’m also including a picture of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), we were going to go up but were told it was a 2 hour wait to get up there!  I’ve been up once before so I am good…lol.





I don’t think I take out enough time in the day to be silly.  I watch kids who have no worries and inhibitions and wish I were the same.  I really need to lighten up some days, I wish I could control that.  Wait, doesn’t that defeat what I’m trying to do?  Trying to control being too controlled?  🙂  Anyhow, just wanted to share a quick shot of my youngest brother.  Yes, for those who don’t know me well – I have VERY young brothers.  I love them with all my heart.


Isn’t he the cutest? 

12th Avenue Grill – Honolulu, HI

My birthday this year fell on a Saturday and I got to spend my evening with one of the coolest people I know, Kristian!  He treated me to an incredible meal at 12th Avenue Grill.  It was the first visit for us both and we left wondering why we haven’t been to this place before.  We know one thing for sure, we will be returning again soon!  The service was great, we had a waitress named Jen (of course she’d be great with that name!).  Hopefully when I make a reservation again in the future, I can request her again.

130914-01My entree.  It was a daily special and it was AMAZING.  And head on shrimp?  Yes please.  The head of the shrimp is the BEST part.  

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Million Restaurant – Honolulu, HI

Is it Millions or Million?  I swear it was called Millions before?  No?  Anyhow, Million Restaurant has been my go to Korean restaurant for a few years now.  I enjoy them because the restaurant is clean, the service is on the most part friendly and the food is good.  The prices aren’t too shabby if you aren’t doing yakiniku.  Their parking is limited but the street parking is free after 6pm I believe.  I love their regular bi bim bap (no hot stone pot), cheaper that way and I don’t need the scorched rice.  I LOVE their Kalbi Tang (Kalbi Soup) and I also love their banchan.  Sometimes you score and get raw crab like we did this night.  I am pretty sure I am allergic to raw crab because my mouth and throat gets very itchy – but I still eat it.  I do silly things like that.  Here are the pics!


Banchan.  My favorite is the savory egg custard.  I could eat that alone and be satisfied.

130913-02Bibimbap with a side bottle of kochujjang

130913-01Kalbi Tang!  So good.  Two big kalbi rib bones, daikon, long rice, egg, thin slices of meat…you can’t go wrong.  Ahhh I want some kalbi tang…

Mixed Don – Kuru Kuru Sushi

While I frequent Kuru Kuru Sushi – I have never ordered one of their dons until my last visit.  I used to watch as other tables got these mountains of spicy ahi/poke and just sit in envy.  I don’t know why I never ordered it, perhaps because if I were to ever eat that I would not be able to eat anything else?  Well, this time I had a partner in crime so I ordered it.  The taste was great, the photo opp even better.  Isn’t it glorious?



Have you ever had Jjajjangmyun?  Well if you ever watch Korean dramas, you will inevitably see them order delivery noodles.  Then you watch as they stuff their faces with shiny glossy black noodles into their mouth.  I’m a huge fan of noodles so it really piqued my interest.  I learned that it was considered a Northern Chinese dish and there was this whole Chinese cuisine in Korea!  Well I didn’t know where to get these noodles in a restaurant so I found a recipe online and made it myself at home before and I thought it was delicious.  They have instant cup noodles of it now and I also learned there are Korean restaurants in Hawaii that are Korean Chinese restaurants and serve these dishes.  Is that confusing?  I’ll bet it is.  Anyhow, one place I go to get this is Eastern Paradise Restaurant.  As far as I can tell, this is a Chinese restaurant owned by Chinese people that serves Korean style Northern Chinese food.  I’m probably blabbing nothing but wrong information so here’s a picture of what I ate…lol.

130911-01Jjajjangmyun – just pour the thick black gravy over the noodles…mix and eat!  Delish!

Chinatown – Chicago, IL

Anytime I’m traveling, I like to check out the Chinatown if possible.  San Francisco has a huge Chinatown but I must have fluked out because the dim sum I tried was nothing special.  In fact, the dim sum I tried at SF and New York were nothing to write home about – they just made me miss the dim sum at home!  The dim sum I have tried in Chicago has been the best I’ve had in the mainland.  I actually dined at this same restaurant (Ming Hin) during my last trip and wanted to try a new restaurant so we headed to Chinese restaurant that specialized in main dishes/noodles.  Well we got seated right away but was ignored after that.  We watched as they seated more and more people and no one even came to see us with a menu.  I looked around and caught the eye of the girl behind the counter.  She caught my glance and proceeded to do nothing.  So…we left and went to Ming Hin.  Ming Hin is a huge Chinese restaurant and they’ve got everything down to a science!  The wait staff know Mandarin/Cantonese/English and their ordering system is so easy!  The menu is all pictures and you just put the number of orders you want with each picture.  We need this in Hawaii!  Also…the wait staff is incredibly friendly, something Hawaii is also lacking…hehe.


This is kind of like deja vu.  I had a pork hash post not too long ago…it’s my favorite dim sum dish.  This version was pretty good.

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