Recipe: Harako-Meshi

Two posts in a week?! Wow. I stayed after work today and did a few hours of studying, I’m pretty proud of myself. Next week is the last big event and then I’ll still be consistently busy but not as crazy busy. Fingers crossed. So I made this dish last week! Check out this picture…


Looks professional yeah? Salmon rice with ikura and shiso leaf. Yum…shiso leaf goes so well with salmon!

150930-02I don’t have an earthen-ware pot so I used my rice cooker. I seared the salmon in a pan really quick and then added it to the raw rice. The raw rice is filled to the right water line which I then added two tablespoons each of shoyu and mirin. I think I could have added at least 3 tablespoons of each.

150930-03Here is the rice all ready! I made a slight mistake on this recipe, I didn’t debone it completely so I didn’t share it with anyone. Leftovers store well! I used a rice paddle and flaked the salmon right into the rice.

150930-04Mmm the ikura makes such a difference. I went to Nijiya last week so I got the salmon, ikura and shiso leaf from there. This dish was ono! I got the recipe from here. If you don’t follow him on YouTube, you must! He is crazy great at cooking and if he makes like an udon dish, he will make the noodles from scratch. I admire him so much. I didn’t have time to make the shoyu marinated ikura but it tasted great anyhow. I also left the skin on my salmon while he removed the skin on his. I like the skin so I didn’t mind keeping it on!