Griddle N Grindz – Honolulu, HI

A new Korean BBQ take-out joint in Kalihi! I repeat, a new Korean BBQ take-out place in Kalihi! Griddle N Grindz is located in the Dillingham Plaza (the one with Foodland and Savers) and they are located where Yummy’s used to be (I didn’t even know they closed!). This place is take-out only, smallish menu but boy do they make that up in portions. Check it out.

Korean BBQ Chicken (Level 2 – Extra Spicy) | $13.49
Comes with 4 banchan choices, I chose fish cake, kimchee, cucumber kimchee and japchae

Been hankering for some Korean BBQ chicken, their chicken is good! Love the grill marks, the banchan is good. I like the fish cake and the japchae, the cucumber kimchee is just alright and the kimchee is okay too (nothing special).

I only got level 2 spicy and TMI, it was a small runny nose situation. I kind of want to risk it all and try their spiciest level (which they don’t charge extra for…!)

Fried Garlic Chicken | $14.79
Comes with 4 banchan choices, we chose macaroni salad, cucumber kimchee, japchae and fish cake

This is one of the plates a lot of people are getting, not pictured is the spicy mayo sauce that comes on the side for dipping (I am pretty sure it’s just mayo and sriracha). The chicken is good, nice juicy thigh pieces fried up light and crispy. Barely any garlic flavor. The mac salad is a bit bland, and I already critiqued the other three banchan choices above).

Menu as of July 2021 (their website has an outdated menu)

Not that this should matter, but I did not see a single Korean staff person here. LOL. I am not making any assumptions or trying to say anything, just saying the front and kitchen staff I was able to see were not Korean. It did not affect the taste of the food or my willingness to go back, I definitely would when I get a hankering for Korean BBQ again!