Mixed Plates

Just a quick update of a few plates we had from dinner one night. Got lazy and drove to two different places to pick up dinner to satisfy different appetites.

140606-01Two piece Jollibee’s Plate – we got double mash. The little white container contains more gravy…I don’t know what for. The chicken itself is seasoned already so I wouldn’t use the gravy. I got to try a taste of the chicken and I thought it was pretty good! Fried crisp and it had pretty good seasoning in the meat too! I wouldn’t mind trying a plate of my own next time.

140606-03Hamburger Steak plate from Richie’s Drive Inn. The first time I’ve tried it here, wasn’t a fan. This time I was. Pretty good! Their mac salad is good too.

140606-02Richie’s Chili Dog Plate, it comes with a small soda as well. It looks like they raised the price. It used to be $5 something but now it’s $6, still a great deal if you ask me!


Duke’s Waikiki – Waikiki, HI

This post will be more of a gallery of pictures than a review. I tried to take pictures of Duke’s Waikiki serves during their Lunch Buffet. It’s basically a huge salad bar with hot entrees thrown in. They even have a made to order pasta and panini station. Our office came here to celebrate administrative professionals day and everyone loved it. Great selection of foods and killer view of Waikiki beach…with lots of tourists, hehe. The parking for this place is located in Ohana East hotel so you do have to walk a few blocks to the restaurant but it’s not too bad. Here are the pictures!










140605-10140605-11Not the best lighting for picture taking. You can’t really tell from this plate but I grabbed a LOT of beets. They have an awesome salad bar with all the toppings you can imagine. Their beets were great because they were freshly cooked and sliced, not from a can! I can eat beets all day long…with ranch dressing. Hahaha…one of my favorite dishes was also the spicy broccoli salad. I don’t think I have a picture of it here but it was perfect. I also liked that they par-boiled the broccoli because I can’t stand raw broccoli. The lunch buffet is only $16.95 – great deal!

Koi Catering & Takeout – Kalihi, HI

I coordinated a lunch order with Koi Catering & Takeout last week and they must have had a heyday with me. I called constantly to change and add orders in but each time they picked up the phone, they were nice as could be. I really appreciate great customer service. When we went to pick up the food, the cashier was sweet as pie too! We were running late with lunch this day so I wasn’t able to take much pictures of the food. I hope to return there soon so maybe I’ll have more pictures then! The food was good. I got the wrong dish so I definitely have to go back and try one of their ahi plates, I heard that was good. I originally wanted the mushroom chicken but they were out of it so I had to get the pork chops, it wasn’t a good choice for this order.

140604-02It doesn’t look THAT bad but it really wasn’t good. It was overcooked and dry, I was disappointed.

140604-01Steak and Portabello Mushroom Salad – looks GOOD ah? My coworker loved it, I’m pretty sure she did because she cleaned it out!

Ono Seafood – Kapahulu, HI

The infamous Ono Seafood on Kapahulu. I have never been there before and always feared going because of the fear of no parking! Luckily, I decided to give it a try the other week and realized they have pretty good parking! There is only about 2 spots in front of the shop but the empty lot next door gives you a few more stalls so we were good. This is a super small shop, it really is grab and go. They specialize in poke and JUST poke which is fine since they do such a dang good job at it. Do I wish I could get a side of roast pork with it…yes, but I’ll live. It’s a great deal because you get a poke bowl and it comes with a drink! Here are the ones we tried…


Hawaiian Style Poke Bowl

140603-02Spicy Ahi Poke Bowl!
My dish, so good! There is a lot of onions as shown in the picture but there definitely wasn’t a strong bite so it was good. I would definitely return here to have some again!

Koa Pancake House – Kaimuki, HI

Koa Pancake House is a breakfast/lunch chain of restaurants in Oahu. If you’re looking for a quick and decent breakfast, Koa is the place to go. I wouldn’t say they are great but they aren’t bad. They have a good amount of tables and chairs so you could eat quickly and go. They also have runners who come around refilling coffee if you bought a cup!  Pretty nice. Anyway, just wanted to share a breakfast I had. I would not recommend it…

140602-02Steak and Eggs – $8.95

140602-03I don’t know if you can tell but this is a very thin piece of steak. Also, they asked how I wanted it done…I don’t see how you can do anything but well with such a thin piece of meat. I really didn’t enjoy this breakfast, the grill marks on the steak were completely burnt. The entire steak tasted just burnt. Disappointing.

140602-01Blueberry Waffle – $4.75
This is the waffle my dining partner got. She liked it! It’s a very thin waffle but she enjoyed it and it was thin and crispy.

Kickin Cajun – Keeaumoku, HI

Happy June everyone! Does that mean it’s officially summer? This past week was terrible! I think we must have had some strong vog or something because I had a severe case of post nasal drip. My friend was telling me that she saw something on the news about it being the smog blowing over from China. Um…forreal? Does anyone know if this is legit? I find myself having a hard time believing. Anyhow, I’m getting super busy at work again! But in the past the stress has been with a really tight deadline – this one is less time restrictive.

Have you folks tried all the seafood in a bag restaurants? I don’t know how else to address these. My first visit to one was at Crab City and I really liked what they did! I was pretty sad to see them close down. I tried Kickin Kajun last week and while the service was very good, the food just doesn’t beat Crab City. I have a few more to try so I can compare, hopefully I can this summer! I don’t know if this happens all the time but they were out of practically everything! I was able to snag the last lobster so we ordered the lobster/shrimp combination. There isn’t much pictures because…your hands are super gross when you’re digging in! The bag also comes with crawfish, corn, potato, smoked sausage and clams. My only complaint was that the house sauce was a bit bland.


140601-02Quick peek inside the bag before we dug in. The lobster was nice! My dining companion let me eat the lobster head…heavenly!!

140601-03Side of rice that comes with the combination.